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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How lust works

For the typical woman, desire actually follows arousal. Active petting and pillow talk are what stimulate a woman's desire as well as arouse a woman.

If you are not in the mood before sex begins, try it anyway. Even when not on the mood in the beginning does not mean you won't be after a few minutes of intimate touch.

Let your partner know what you like and that you need warm-up time. Foreplay is crucial to pleasurable lovemaking. Leisurely lovemaking that's not necessarily genitally-focused foreplay makes a woman feel closer to her mate and turns her on.

Caress the body. Lower the tone of your voice. Slow, gentle strokes of the hair, and back. Pull her in close. Doing this while nude intensifies the effect. Take your time. Listen to her breathing. This will tell you what she likes. Her breaths will become deeper and faster as she becomes more aroused. Her skin will become warmer. Her body may even move to the rhythm of your touch.

Listen to him and what he wants. Men don't necessarily want what we do. We want intimacy. They want sex. While a soft touch and a caressing of the body is what we desire, a firm stroke of his manhood and feeling the intensity of your desire is what he needs.

Turn him on with that sexy little number found in your lingerie drawer. Let him see your curves. Caress your own curves. You are arousing him as much as yourself.

Men are aroused by sight. Women are aroused by touch.

The old saying is true - Men become intimate to have sex; women have sex to become intimate.

Olivia Vidal
Romance Specialist

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